Who needs a Homelab anyway?

I'm throwing it all at the cloud instead

3 minute read

I’ll start this post by setting out my stall - I’m a self confessed geek. I tinker, tweak and enjoy experimenting with new technologies. The arrival of my daughter a couple of years ago did reduce my tinkering time drastically but I digress. There was a time a few years ago that the keen IT hobbyist would have to invest serious time and money to feed their habit, namely in:

PlexPy - for the curious

Exciting data geekiness comes to your Plex Media Server

3 minute read

Well before Netflix, Amazon Prime Video et al. were a thing, I’ve been running Plex Media Server at home to ship media of all types (photos, music, TV shows and movies) to various devices around the house. I got so fed up with physical DVDs chewing up space in the lounge I went through and ripped every DVD we own to digital and subsequently cleared out two drawers worth of plastic and shiny discs - so I’m fairly invested.