A potted history of TV-am

A hark back to breakfast TV in years gone by

2 minute read


In the 1980s, I have vivid memories of waking up early in the morning and watching ‘Good Morning Britain’. TV-am, the first commercial breakfast show in the UK, was broadcast from Hawley Crescent in Camden Town, London. The only building in London with eggcups on it’s roof was built from scratch. TV-am started off life unsuccessfully as around the time it was due to launch, the BBC launched a rival service.

All about the Big Breakfast

When Lock Keepers cottages turn into TV studios

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The Big Breakfast first hit our TV screens on September 28th 1992 with a completely alternative style of breakfast show. It was ground-breaking television. The Big Breakfast was to be beamed to us daily between 7am and 9am from Lock Keepers Cottages, Old Ford Lock, London. Channel 4 had purchased these cottages which had stood disused for a long period of time and had significant amounts of graffiti and internal damage.

A misspent youth

Days in the school library should have been spent learning

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Once upon a time when I was at secondary school, the computers in the library were protected with a program called Applock. Very Windows ‘95 it was too. The utility was written by Anaplastic Software in 1994 and was available as Shareware with an option to buy for $12.50, which my school had done. The company seems to be long since gone, but you can still download the application from some places on the Internet.